Sunday, July 22, 2012

Scattering My Seeds On High

I confess to being kind of glad that my previous subject is finished.
It made me feel a little lecturish, and prim, talking like that
As though I had somehow got my stuff together . . .

There is an old Arabic saying :
"I will set my face to the wind and scatter my handful of seeds on high"
I love it: it speaks to me.

I imagine facing into a strong headwind, my hair whipping into my eyes,
my clothes flattened against me.
In my hand I have precious seed, things I dearly long to share but I don't know who needs them; who would even want them
Or where to plant them.
So I entrust their passage and landing to the wind and the Lord, and throw the seed up into the air
So the wind can grab them and blow them up and behind me
So their landing, their growth, their blossoming and fruitfulness
Happens where I cannot see
Nor can I influence
I can only trust that there will be a harvest that will bring much joy
Somewhere and somehow.

And so, because the "submit thing" worked for us, and for friends of ours too, I'm scattering that seed on high in the hopes it will result in fields of happier marriages!


cat said...

Oh I think so.

Lynette said...

I love that saying. Something I need to remember whenever I come close to giving up when I don't see fruit or growth in people we work with. Then I must choose to trust the Lord that He is the Lord of the Harvest and that His Word will never be void.