Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Theme-Word for the Year

Its that time of the year when people "find a word" for the year.
I think its a great idea to have a theme - a word that encapsulates where we hope to go

I have landed on "Embrace"

I may have used this one before but you know what?
It doesn't matter -
It fits the way I feel about this year too.

I want to embrace life with all its ups and downs -
I want to embrace the way I'm wired instead of mourning the way I'm not wired
I want to embrace my talents, instead of being mindful of their imperfections.
I want to embrace opportunities that come up.

Do you have a theme-word for this year?


lg said...

Great word!! I like it! I also quite like the idea of a word in place in place of a NY resolution.... or is it a resolution?

Am choosing to think not!

Rambler said...

I chose 'more' - more fun, more creating, more tea, more long walks, more (which means I also choose the word 'less' as a default).

Lynette said...

This is a word that suits you well...and I know that you had it before.

My word for this year is Simplify...and with it comes declutter and organise.

cat said...

Oh we share a word..... not that I blogged it yet.

allie. said...

@ lg - it
s starting to feel a bit like a resolution but I'm hoping that will change soon :-)
@ Rambler - hi stranger, so good to hear from you!! MOre is goooood!
@ Lynette - perhaps I should adopt it as a permanent word!? Simplify is also always a great idea. Clutter slows us down.
@ Cat - great minds, hey!! Good luck with your embracings this year :-)

Ordinarylife said...

My word of the year is "do"

Not to do more, but to really "do" something to the best of my ability, to go through all the steps in a process and to love "do"ing it.

allie. said...

@ OL - I really like that.
Follow through
Get the whole thing accomplished.

Its a word with "teeth" if you know what I mean?
Good luck with it.

And good luck to all of us as we move through the year with these intentions and hopes.