Friday, February 1, 2013

News, Bullets and Stuff

Its the 1st Feb.
Already people are saying things about time flying
As if its something new.

Anyway -
Just to let you know there has been a breakthrough with DH's father (see previous post)
He has agreed to check out retirement places

The mama is another story of course.
"Julle sal my in 'n kis hieruit moet dra! Almal konkel agter my rug!"
("You'll have to carry me out of here in a coffin! Everyone is plotting behind my back!") is her quaint way of responding to the situation. :-)

I don't think I can imagine how hard this last move must feel for her
For her, its not only about the loss of most of her possessions, well loved, each with its history -
but also the sense of self, with a measure of independence that she feels she'll be giving up.
And maybe worst of all, must be the sense of 'ending'

My hope, though, is that she'll rediscover a load of fun when she can hang out with her peers.

On another note altogether -
Some Bullets:
1. Great excitement - a core group of about 60 of us is starting a new local site of our church, Common Ground, this Sunday!

There is something so awe inspiring about being involved in this brand new venture.
We are so looking forward to partnering with the other churches in this Valley.

2. I'm still struggling to get into any sort of rhythm for this year.
Its weird.
Normally by now, its all systems go.

3. Just had a birthday.
And marvelled again at how blessed I am in my family and friends.
It reminds me of how I felt in the old days when I would bask in the sun, tanning.
That sense of well-being; deep content; just joy in the moment . . .
Happy me.

4. We are going to have JD's family to stay with us for a week or two, arriving Monday. We had a great time with them last time, so we're looking forward to re-experiencing that.

And now, before sitting in front of my computer, just chatting away, drains every bit of my desire to exercise away, I'd better go.
That, and the fact the the first cricket test match against Pakistan has started.
Oi vey!
Another 5 days in front of the TV!

Have  great weekend.
Over and out.

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Lynette said...

So glad your FIL has come around. I can imagine how difficult it is going to be for your MIL. I remember how mine cried as she packed up her life (as she put it).

Lovely news about the new church venture. I was also blessed this month with having my children around me on my greatest blessings in life.