Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I Notice . . .

One of the great things about keeping a journal is dipping into old ones to see what was going on then.
This morning I did just that, landing on late December last year where I was in the midst of a 31 day writing challenge
This day the challenge was to write about things I noticed early that particular morning.
Here is an extract:

"I notice a kind of sadness on me this morning and I don't know why.
I feel a dis-connectedness with my friends at this time of year. Sometimes I miss them but most of the time, I just feel I don't want to 'go there' for a while longer.

It's a feeling a little like today looks: a little grey; a little cool; very quiet and still; a little drab; a little down.
But with patches of blue starting to show in the sky.

When I think of myself, this is how I feel
When I think of You, I smile to myself -

You are sunshine
You are sparkles on the sea
You are happy breezes
Leaves dancing on the tree
You are music
Colours painted in the sky
You are laughter
Even though You came to die."

How vividly I remembered those exact feelings, reading that!

Poetry is not my norm
But every now and then, something meaningful to me just floats out.
It made me smile all over again . . .


LG said...

That poem is really beautiful!

Even the sort of sad bit of what you noticed on that day, is like poetry...

Lynette said...

This is so beautiful Allie...thank you for sharing that.