Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Phosphorescence Plus

Every now and then there is the wondrous event of phosphorescence in our little bay.
And so it was two nights ago.
We dashed to the beach in breathless anticipation
And yes, oh joy, there it was.

Its a strange thing, this: it doesn't evidence in every wave.
Nor all along the length of a wave when it comes.
So you never know quite where its going to surface -
We watched many ordinary white crested waves crumble shoreward, then suddenly - a flash!
That luminous green light, flared up in one spot on a wave and shot out along it
Bathing the base of the wave in an almost mystical iridescent light.

You can't bear it to be finished
You want to somehow hold it; keep it; not let it go away
But all you can do
Is stand waiting breathlessly, in the hopes of it happening again.

It reminds me a little of experiencing revelation.
You never know when its coming
When it does, it's overwhelming in its powerful "flash" of knowledge
Which often scampers along in your inner man, connecting other dots
Great in its beauty -
But then its gone, having deposited something wonderful inside.


LG said...

Wonderful analogy. I love it when it the phosphorescence happens, it's just always an occasion! :)

Lynette said...

I love your analogy...never stop blogging dear Allie.

allie. said...

Thanks you two.
I love analogies too - they also "arrive" like little flashes of insight.
I think all of Nature is a parable in one way or another.
We just have to wait to hear how . . .