Monday, January 6, 2014

Creative Buzzes

Christmas is past
New Year is here at last.
And oddly, everyone in my neck of the woods seems to be buzzing with new desire to get creative.
I am hoping it affects me radically
Since I live with the desire to be creative but the desire very rarely translates into action.

I have looked at 365Gratitude project
I love the idea hugely and I can see how it could be life changing
But feel a bit overwhelmed at the thought of doing the creative thing every-single-day.
No, I need to start with something I believe I can carry through.

So today I found what looks like the perfect project for me -
A 52 week art journal project

Its free!
Its going to be free-ing, thought provoking and fun, I'm sure
There'll be a lot of guidance and ideas, a Facebook page to join and probably share the journeys and journaling of others.
I'm so looking forward to it!

By the way, may this year hold many wonderful surprises for you: may you discover new talents: make new friends: try new things
while holding on to all that is good and precious of the already known in your lives.


Lynette said...

I am planning to do this as part of my counting gifts this year. I have always wanted to start a art might just be the time.

LG said...

Sounds lovely and perfect for you! I am looking forward to maybe seeing some of your creativity! x

MelB said...

ooooooooh, am off to investigate!