Sunday, March 23, 2014


The nearly-three-year-old son of a trusted young friend of mine was battling to sleep.
He was afraid and didn't want his mother to leave his room.
She suggested they pray together and ask Jesus to send an angel to watch over him in the night.
They did that.
Afterwards, the little boy asked her what angels look like
She told him "Beautiful, shining, with bright white clothes"

He asked her "Then why has this angel got red marks on his wrists and on his side?"

Jesus was asked by a child to send an angel to help him
But He came Himself.
And that is His glory.
He came Himself.


LG said...

What else can I actually say....

allie. said...
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allie. said...

I know, Lis.
Jen told the whole church this story this morning.
It takes my breath away.
She asked her son in the morning if Jesus had said anything to him.

The boy said, "Just my name"
He called him by name . . .

allie. said...
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Lynette said...

Oh Allie. He is so faithful. This touched me deeply.

cat said...

Kids see way clearer and better than we do. They trust and believe in the purest form.

Two nights ago L prayed that Jesus must stay in his heart forever as he is now. He is 6 and has several developmental issues.

Anonymous said...

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