Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Why Malta?

* Great all year round weather (Yesssss!)
* Very friendly and hospitable people (Well, that's always nice)
* Very easy integration with local communities
* Relatively crime free and very safe to live in (Double yesssss!)
* EU Member country offering political stability (For an African, thats a real plus)
* English and Maltese are the official languages of the islands and all Maltese speak English fluently. Other languages also commonly spoken. (English will do just fine, tx)
* Excellent national and private hospital and medical services. (Now, thats cool - although no one could compare with our own Dr G - refer Mel's blog)
* Easy to get help and services. (Always a good thing)
* Abounding with history and cultural life (You can see this at a glance just by the pics)
* Excellent social life for all age groups and a large selection of top quality restaurants and cafes with diverse cuisine (NOW we're cookin!)
* Surrounded by crystal clear seas and several sandy beaches. (Looks amazing - although we do very well in this department right here)
* Very good sporting facilities. World class diving, sailing and other water sports. (Um - nice to watch other people do)
* Excellent schooling to above UK standards in English speaking schools and University. (Well, would have to be above UK standards to be excellent, hmm? But this is a moot point for us - not planning to go back to school)
* Low cost of living and a wide variety of properties available in all price ranges. (Rubs hands gleefully)
* Very stable property market offering steady capital growth. (Ahum, yes, nice)
* Daily flights to all major European and North African airports with Low Cost airlines also offering a regular service (Hmm, not too sure about that: low cost and flying is not a combination that fills me with joy)
* Excellent residency conditions with very low taxation (Oh yes, please!)
* No rates or council taxes are charged in Malta (Say what! Isn't that sumpin?)
And it is tiny, a real miniature. I have always been a sucker for miniature.
Population 400,000. That's all. I love that.
Add to all that, Malta, kind of next to the boot part of Italy, is so close to many wonderful European destinations - what a great launching pad into those as well.
Sounds too good to be true -
Ah well, we shall see.


Lynette Jacobs said...

How big is your suitcase...will I fit?

Meriel said...

sounds like emigration not a vacation ?

Mel said...

dont even *think* about not coming home. OKay? OKAY?

*is not amused by this post*

allie. said...

@ Lynette - now that would be fun!

@ Meriel - yes, I suppose it does. We are not planning to leave SA: we love this country but we are thinking of buying a small flat there.
Thats why I'm so excited about all the good stuff

allie. said...

Ahhhh Mel!
How could we ever *think* of leaving our beaut family?!

Gill said...

Oh my soul, I'm ready to start packing!! Sounds gorgeous!! Another one to add to my "gotta go to" list. Can't wait to hear all about it.

Gill said...

Forgot to say that "www.tripadvisor.com" is chock full of useful information.

allie. said...

Thanks for that tip, Gill
Will go there asap

Kirsty said...

hmmm - I saw that advert for Malta in the paper too.
I have been to Malta. Nice for holidays... wouldn't want to live there.
When you going? If you dive, you must do it there... not bad!

Anonymous said...

I think maybe we will go look to live there... sounds amazing mom!
Caio! Lisa.

allie. said...

@ Lis - share the flat?? *g*

Jo said...

Phew this was a scary post, I also thought you may be moving away! but a little closer to where I will be. x