Thursday, November 5, 2009

Holiday Season

What is it about November?
A sudden quickening of pace, a sense of hurry and busyness, a frazzled frame of mind just arrives with the month.
It seems to say:
"I am here - already.
Do you realise what lies ahead for the next two months?
Go go go!"
And if I wake at night, images of "things to be done" parade in random patterns across the screens of my nightmind.
I'm considering a notebook and pen next to my bed to keep a record of them all
And this is just the beginning
We won't even consider December now - we have enough to cope with.
Holiday season?
I think not - not for the female of the species anyway. . .


Meriel said...

Allie - its time to outsource.

I'm not good with stress nor to do lists.

Put Mel in charge of Christmas :-)

allie. said...

I will be in Malta for Christmas!
(Mel, you're off the hook!)
But I still get this "buzz" going on.

Lynette Jacobs said...

I always want to skip December...can't handle the pressure and the pace.

Oh I won't be seeing you in December.

allie. said...

I know - I was gutted when I realised the hoped for bloggers get together in Cape Town was going to happen without me.

But we will meet soon, hopefully.

Kate said...

That picture looks like me when I;m frnatic at work.

We have decided not to let the families put any pressure on us this Christmas - we get 2 weeks only a year for a break and I cannot spend it running from one family event to another. I will loose it!

So its a "selfish" year for us.
We'll see how that one goes down...