Tuesday, November 24, 2009

So Exhausting

This is me.
DH is overseas on biz.
House stays neat.
Woollies supplies food.
In disposable containers.
You do the maths ito workload.
I sure miss him though.


Jo said...

Lazy bum! What about doing another stunning painting? Or sorting your photos into years? ;)

allie. said...

Yup Jo - guilty as charged.

I am actually in the midst of another painting - something quite different. Will be taking it to my art lesson this arvie to be critted.
A pic will follow:
a) if I like it when its done
b) if DH brings me a new camera from his trip.

Don't even MENTION trying to sort my photos out - for details, refer to Mel

Kate said...

Ha, ha - cute!
I say go ahead and soak up the relaxing - its the only upside of husbands being away!

Lynette Jacobs said...

Just love that pic!

Yup, clean house, easy meals does not come near to having hubby around.

Hayley said...

very jealous! Enjoy :-)

Shayne said...

Enjoy every moment of schlumfing.

Rambler said...

hahahahaha... great pic!