Monday, December 7, 2009

Dream Pets

I am going to tell you the pets I had my heart set on when I was a kid. (Cut me some slack - there is *SO* nothing going on here )
My most fiercely desired was a bush baby
With its humungous eyes and clingy little hands.
I gave my parents a hard time about that for yonks.
What cooled my ardour eventually was finding that they have a habit of weeing on their own hands.
Then there were those teeny monkies.
They fit into a teacup -
I'm a pushover for miniatures of any kind - (except those minute hairless dogs with the bug eyes).
Lastly a baby buck, with its huge sad eyes and fragile knock kneed legs.
I remember the daydreams about owning and raising these animals . . they were fabulous!
What I did get were: dogs, cats, rabbits, white mice, which were forever producing babies, a duckling, budgies, canaries, guinea pigs, a squirrel, a tortoise that would come when I called him (Kerry) and eat out of my hand, and a shrew (very temporarily - shrews can't live in capitivity, as we found out too late).
Which is a lot.
But not my top three.
Anyone else have odd pet wishes?


Meriel said...

I never really had pet wishes until I saw this post. A little bushbuck, a hedgehog and a tortoise would do me nicely.

Cute post !

Lynette Jacobs said...

LOL! Now you know why the bush baby has clingy hands:)

We were a "no pet" family growing up. I wanted a Sharpei because of their wrinkles...and got one a few years ago.

I wanted a umbrella cockatoo...but they are also way to messy...and I don't like messy.

Kate said...

Ag noo noo those pictures are coot :-)

I wanted a baby tiger or a baby gorilla and I also used to look for abandoned children everywhere I went, just in case I found any poor souls to mother.

I have always been crazy about all types of babies.

Oh yes and I also REALLY wanted a gummi bear! Once my mom dropped Nics and I off at a friend while they moved house and she said when she picks us up again she will have an "alive" surprise for us. Well, we were CONVINCED it was a gummi bear and told our friends this. was a puppy. Ha, ha! We loved her too, her name was Miss Twink from "The yearling" did you see that programme? The little boy in it adopts a baby bush buck like in your pic.

Kirsty said...

I had a few pet rocks... does that count?? I know, I WAS a bit of strange child...

Jo said...

I was the opposite I wanted BIG pets tigers, baby elephants, lion cubs - stupid! I still love big animals - my fav! Hope you are having a fab time!