Sunday, December 13, 2009

First Feedback

I'm using DH's laptop - you maay need to make some allowances for oddnesses in my posting arrangements, spacing etc.
Just warning you in case. Sunday arvie
DH is sleeping and so have I been but now its time to get a few thoughts down.
I may use my blog as a diary from time to time so, if it gets too much for you, *ya know what ter do*
First pic -
A *light moment* (pardon the pun) this morning.
The last thing I expected in the Malta winter, was to blinded by the early morning sun in my hotel room.
DH kindly brought me my darkies so I could open my eyes in the glare.
Ok, the flight over:
Lufthansa and, yes please, I will fly with them again anytime.
But, oh dear Lord, please not the German darling that sat behind me.
She would not allow me to recline my seat at all.
Whenever I tried, she braced her knees or feet against the seat.
I eventually spoke to her and she said she didn't want me to because then her tv screen would be too close to her.
Like it was not the same for all of us.
So I meekly (weakly ??) sat with the passenger in front of me fully reclined and me bolt upright squinting at my screen ( two inches away from my face) like a half wit.
I told myself: "Maybe she is claustrophobic; maybe she is frightened of flying - .
When the lights went off for the night, it will be ok."
Was it, hell!
I kid you not.
But help was at hand - even this frau had to go to bathroom sometime and when she did, *evil laughter* I put my seat as far back as it would go and waited ...
Ready for battle.
Sure enough, when she returned, I felt the familiar pressure at my back - but this time I was prepared.
It was my time to brace, and after a while she gave up and I was left feeling relieved and victorious.
The hotel in Malta is lovely - right on a beautiful little bay
Here are a couple of pics of it and from it.


Shayne said...

Gorgeous pics. Love the occasion header - stunning view.

You are an evil woman you - let's hope she is not in front of you on the flight back!

allie. said...

You are supposed to be on MY side!

Ness at Drovers Run said...

The NERVE of some people!!! I mean *hello*! Next time (hopefully their won't be a next time) just go to a stewardess and ask her, to ask the passenger. Nothing like a little uniformed authority.

These days, if you give them any lip (the cabin crew) they can have you arrested on landing. I'm sure she would have complied immediately if they'd asked.

Ness at Drovers Run said...

I forgot to say - great photos!

Mel said...

What a cow!! I think you exercised extreme reserve. Geesh.

Great photees. Still getting my head around the fact that you are in MALTA!

The sunglasses photo? Priceless!! Definitely a minor kugel moment Princess.

Jo said...

Looks fab!

Isnt funny how cattle class just brings out the cow in all of us! I dont think I have ever flown anywhere without a story of someone doing something. xoxox

Lynette Jacobs said...

Wow...great photos...and the one of you in bed with your shades...priceless:)

Anonymous said...

Well done on that seat issue. I had the same issue once, and eventually got the hostess involved who politely told the cow behind me that I was "quite within my rights" to put my seat back......

Pics look amazing. So glad you guys are having a nice break.

Much Love,

Chez said...

LOVE the pics. Looks great there Allie. As for the plane seat drama, I've been there and done that and have NOW become VERY vocal in that area. I mean I paid for my seat you ya know!!