Friday, December 18, 2009

St Trinians?

This is basically for Mel - I promised to email her a pic of my new purchase.
But any shoe lovers are welcome to have a look too.
I had an instant love affair with these weird shoes - this sort of style seems to be all the rage here.
Kind of mix of wedge, sports shoe, patent leather: sooooper comfortable.
The whole thing does have a sort of St Trinian's look about it, hey?
We spent the day in Valletta yesterday - fabulous!
But that involves a LOT of downloading and DH is rarin to go out.
Last full day in Malta today - then off to Italy.
See you soon.


Ness at Drovers Run said...

Oooh, I like the idea of a sport/shoe/wedge with a flashy finish. Nice!

Shayne said...

Ooh, those look quite snazzy.

Have a fabulous time in Italy - make sure you eat lots of their fabulous food.

Jo said...

Now those look like sensible good looking shoes, will get myself some of those (non shoe person that I am) Good to hear you have perked up xxx

Rambler said...

*jealous face*

Anonymous said...

Have fun in Italy.... I have saved the *jealous face* for that leg of your trip!

Mel said...

I think Rambler got caught at midnight with his *jealous face*.

Sensible good looking shoes always welcome. They are deliciously shiny!

Meriel said...

are you going to ask us all to send our sizes like Shayne did ? How big is your suitcase ?

Kirsty said...

I quite like those St Trinians shoes! And you - madam! You have legs that are far too fabulous to belong on a granny!!! x