Friday, January 29, 2010

Different Birthday Bash

Today we helped celebrate DH's Mom's 75th birthday at a breakfast held in a Simonstown eatery.
DH's bru and sister flew down from the northern regions for the occasion.
There they are in this pic - all looking very pleased with life.
Being with this family is an experience: loudly and proudly Afrikaans, they all talk at once. Full volume. All the time.
And if the venue is a restaurant it makes no difference at all.
I was stunned when I first met them 35 years ago, as DH's new love interest - a 30-something, uptight English speaking SA cit, who spoke not a word of their mother tongue.
Our family was kinda Brit in their habits; stiff upper lip, reserved, cagey - so you can imagine the culture shock!
Over the years I have come to love these folk deeply: salt of the earth; funny; outspoken; interested in everything (which is a pretty way of saying "inquisitive about everyone's business") :-)
Mel (DJD) was the only granddaughter from our side of the family able to make it today - we found that we were in both in jeans, same shoes (Ipanema - my "sleep shoes"!), and very similar design tops.
Clearly Mel is a woman of great taste *grin*


Terry said...

Very interesting family post Allie. Also funny how you word your families their interest in everything. Have a great day!

Kate said...

Ah Nice :-)

I also have "sleep in" gizelle shoes. The ones with the star fish embelishment. Lurve them!

Jo said...

I discovered those shoes a couple of years ago - LOVE them, those were the ones that Lulu wanted when i die.

You both look fab in this pic.