Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Coffee Anyone?

Oi vey! My kitchen surfaces have a new contender for the space. Coffee has become, in my opinion, the single most lusted after substance in the Western Hemishere, with many people freely confessing to being coffee freaks. I am one of them; I admit that - life without coffee is not a good thought. BUT Did DH really have to lay this mama on me!? Or rather on my cramped kitchen surfaces? Its pretty, I admit. And after many trials and errors, is producing a good cuppa. But the time it takes to actually make the coffee. . . ! And the myriad bits that have to washed, dried and packed away afterwards . . . ! Dude. I ask myself - is it worth it? When I want coffee, I need it like, today. With the least effort, the least delay, and the least amount of cleaning up. Thus, in secret, this is still me -

DH loves his new toy though. And even washes all the bits afterwards. And then, I am more than happy to allow him to ply me with lovely frothy cappucinos.

Aren't I kind?


Lynette Jacobs said...

I guess if he is going to clean...that is fine. Gorgeous piece of equipment you have there...I also like mine quick and my old fashioned coffee filter machine works fine for quick;-)

Shayne said...

Not being a coffee person myself - i don't quite get it.

But DH has a similar contraption and don't even dare give him instant/bodum coffee. Ever. It is his machine tho and he uses it - if i make coffee for him then it's the bodum, which is just not good enough!

Mel said...

Now you know why I go out and PAY someone to make it for me...and clean up afterward.

But lest you be not even *think* about giving me sloppy seconds when I visit...the real deal for your delightful offpspring please.

Kirsty said...

hmmmm - I WANT it!! When DH grows tired of it, stick it in a DHL van and send it up to me! x

allie. said...

Mel I will have to take lessons from Dad - I have waited till he has perfected the technique.
So we will experiment soon, kay?

Kirsty - DH hangs on to gadgets like you cannot believe, even if he stops using them. So this baby is prob'ly a lifetime tennant in our home.

Lynette - You seem to have the best of both worlds, my friend!

Shayne - Not a coffee person! Wow, you are an unusual chick -

Ness at Drovers Run said...

Wow, that is some machine! However, I have a machine that has one of those glass pots that you fill, then use that to fill the main tank, add your coffee to the permanent filter and in less than 5 minutes you have a pot of coffee that is kept warm as long as your machine is switched on. I *heart* my coffee machine! (and only the filter has to be removed, rinsed, and put back (and of course the glass bit also washed and replaced) but it's easier than making instant coffee :)

Belinda Nel said...

Aah coffee is my drug,I cannot go a day without it BUT it has to be the real deal. I am so bad that I will only have coffee at a friends house if they have the MACHINE! I am into Gloria Jeans which I have whenever I am in the shops, I even have my own card that after you have had 9 cups u get the 10th one FREE which comes sooner that it should. When I feel a bit guilty with the amount of coffee I drink I put my guilt aside as Gloria Jeans sopports world vision so I enjoy my cappichino knowing I am helping a child out there:-) ps As soon as Phil comes back we are going shopping for a new machine after seeing yours!