Friday, May 21, 2010

Double Clink

Today is AllieChilling's 2nd birthday.
I remember when I tiptoed, all dewy eyed and expectant, into the hallowed corridors of Blogdom - full of anticipation: "This is going to be SO exciting!" and full of trepidation: "I don't know what the heck I'm doing!"
And it has been exciting -
Meeting friends has been the best, and most unexpected plus. But there have been other things.
Deciding to write about any subject makes you think about it more deeply.
Opening up about areas of hurt and anger helps deal with it - specially when blogbuds come alongside with their comments.
Talking about the mundane stuff of life demands some humorous spin otherwise you (and your readers) would die of boredom.
Or - horrors! - stop visiting you. . .
The trepidations?
Well, ill founded really.
Because at the end of the day, a blog is personal space: to be used however we like.
To write about whatever we want to.
Or not.
At all.
Of course, the dreaded lurgy is always the danger.
You know: checking how many followers you have; not wanting to lose readers; checking the visitor counter. . .
You bloggers know what I'm talking about.
If those fiends can be avoided, blogging is a joll and a walk in the park.
I will admit to a bit of blog fatigue lately but all-in-all, I am still in, and still glad to be in, so
Happy birthday to meeeee
Ole ole ole ole
Olaaaayyy, olaaaaayyyyy. . .
(It'll have to be lemonade though; remember, I'm only two)


Yummy Mummy said...

Happy Happy!

Such a great post.

Yes, it is a joll and i love it.

And love having you around too.

Hope you at least had a cupcake to celebrate?

Mel said...

I have the cupcakes if you wanna pop in to celebrate tomorrow?

I didnt know you started blogging on Lulu's birthday?

Congrats, am so glad you joined the fray so that the family doesnt think I am the only weird one...validation is key in this life... wahahaha.

Terry said...

I have cupcakes too. Actually we had a bunch but gave most away. Soooo if you show up tomorrow, you can have one!
Happy 2!

Lynette Jacobs said...

Happy birthday...and MANY, MANY more blog post to come:-D

Jo said...

Happy Birthday to you. Keep it up we all love it.

Shiny said...

Happy, happy... from a lurker, but one who really appreciates your presence xx