Monday, May 31, 2010


I don't know much about the Israeli attack on the ships bringing aid to the Palestinians.
It doesn't make sense to me for the Israelis to have done this.
Its as though they are trying to alienate even the people who are for them.
We are, however, apparently still awaiting comment from Israel though So.
We shall see.
And now - good news.
We are going to Plett on Wed to stay with long time friends for a few days.
Something we try to do at least once a year.
(I know you've seen this pic before - just refreshing your memory re my friend.)
By the way, I actually did paint today.
AND I like what I have done so far.
V-e-r-y unusual.
Maybe my book: "The Artist's Way" is bearing fruit.
Its not that I have suddenly become more skilled but I can enjoy what I'm doing without fretting over the faults in my work.
And that, my friends, is huge progress. Ask any amateur painter or writer or potter. . . .
In closing, our water supply is back on, but is sporadic at best.
We live in hope for better things manyana.


Lynette Jacobs said...

Enjoy Plett...I know it is my favourite place to relax.

As for the whole Israel/Gaza thing...I don't know what to think.

Stefanie said...

Enjoy your time away, hopefully the water situation will be fully operational when you get back.