Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Learning to Trust. Pic Post

Fear and Insecurity

"What if I can't hold on tight enough? What if I'm not strong enough?
 The ground is so far away. 
I'm so scared."

The realisation that it is God who holds us; that He is the strong faithful One, is the piercing start of a trusting life.
Cautious First Steps

"Will He catch me? He says He will.
Will He?
I'm going to risk it!"
Joyful Discovery

Everything looks different from up here!
And I know
He never misses catching me!

"My Dad is the best.
Life with Him is amazing
We do life together."


cat said...

Oh Allie! Simply inspirational

Gill said...
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Gill said...

Wow! This post of yours was very serendipitous, I posted yesterday about issues I have regarding trust and surrender.

Lynette Jacobs said...

I am doing a year long project this year. Last month the theme was "being honest" with yourself....this month it is about "surrendering your heart". The lady who is leading the project is an amazing child of God and this is all done with scripture and art. I am finding myself delving deep. There is lots of laying down going on...and lots of growing...and this month there will be more surrendering those things that is keeping me from a deeper relationship with Him.

Anonymous said...

Allie says:

@ cat - I'm so happy this spoke to you, Cat!

@ Gill - yes, I saw that Gill - after I did my post. I think we all perpetually keep learning these.

@ Lynette - your project sounds simply amazing. I confess to a measure of envy: doing this in a group must be just wonderful!
Please email me if you have "stuff" to share, k?

Joanne said...

What happened to my comment? I left it after Lynette

Anonymous said...

Allie says:
@ Clare - I have absolutely no idea!
What did you say?
Please say it again, nnnkay?