Thursday, March 22, 2012


Its pretty strange when you stop to think about it, isn't it?
The whole concept of people like us writing stuff and putting it out into the public domain. . . .
Seriously, isn't that a little off the wall?!
I mean, its not as though any of us have invented a petrol-less car; found a cure for cancer or the way to world peace  -
Or are even able to tell anyone how to raise a perfect kid, or bake a perfect cake.
But yet, we tell our little stories out here . . .

I love my life and find it's movements intensely interesting -
But its not exactly high-speed-chase material, if you get my drift.
So what makes me want to talk here about my thoughts and life events . . . ?
And what makes some people want to read about them?
A modern mystery . . .

But, while I am here, I'd like to pose this:
I've been thinking about a verse that says "the word of God works effectively in those who believe" *
Now, I'm intrigued by that statement.
Does it mean those who believe that Jesus is the Christ?
Or does it mean those who believe the word will work effecively in them?
Or perhaps both - the one leading into the other?
Whichever way, it is a stupendous thought: that the word of God can itself work huge inner changes in us just by our taking it on board in faith.

Come to think of it, just being able to ponder these mysteries "out loud" here, makes blogging worthwhile . . .

* 1 Thess 2:13b


Gill said...

It IS intriguing, this blogging thing. When I was on my "blogging hiatus" I missed the "connectedness" of blogging the most, so I think that's what draws me to blogging and reading blogs.

I love knowing that the stuff I'm going through, no matter how hum-drum or ordinary, is the same stuff other bloggers are going through. Getting a glimpse into someone else's life is somehow comforting and reassuring.

Blogging is also my form of psychotherapy - often I will read over a blog post I have written and think "WOW! I never even realised I was feeling all that stuff!" Very cathartic :-)

And the Bible verse - that's comforting and reassuring too :-)

Lynette Jacobs said...

I think we all have a story to tell, and telling it sort of make us vulnerable and "real".

allie. said...

@ Gill - yes, perhaps a good way to identify what makes you want to blog, is to stop doing it and see what it is you miss.
Good tactic :-)
And you're right about being able to identify sometimes so completely with another here.

@ Lynette - one of the strengths of your blog is the very thing you brought up here: you certainly bring both those qualities to your posts.

allie. said...
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allie. said...
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