Thursday, March 8, 2012

Well Lookee Here!

Well this is an unexpected new look!
I was trying to find a beautiful new background for this blog (was a little tired of my old one): having fun trying lots of different designs when, hey presto! my blog disappeared altogether!
Now that is scary.
There were no friendly arrows at the top of the page assuring me I could go back to where I started
No refresh buttons
No options
It was just gone.

Fortunately I have computer-sussed children
One of whom magically restored Allie Chilling, although not to its former beauty (thanks Mel!)
I'm so glad to see it back that I'm not going to mess with anything.
So its back to basic design for us for now -
Until courage re-emerges.


Anonymous said...

Happy to help tomorrow! And MUST GET THE WORD VERIFICATION down to ONE word on your comments. grrr

allie. said...

I took the verification off yesterday, Mel - got spam today!

So I spent ages trying to find the way to organise a single word verification.
I couldnt - so yes please, HELP!

cat said...

Could not get onto your blog earlier - could see a pretty look but no posts worked.

Lynette Jacobs said...

I found that all the spam goes to the spam folder and cannot be seen on the blog posts. Then I just delete them in the spam folder.