Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pic Bullets - um, no, Randoms.

Time for a catch up -
I can't really call this a bullet post because bullets are super brief points.
My points are wordy (and picturey).
So what can I call these bits and pieces of my life?
"Randoms"  will do.

Life goes on in a seemingly peaceful way but small stuff happens all the time, and we're not careful it slips by unnoticed.
I'm taking a moment to notice  . . .

Random 1.
More on the art front:
I'm continuing to play with the exercises from the Painting Abstracts book I love so much.
Here's one of them, in two states:

Some honest feedback from DD2 ("Its too enclosed, Mom") led me to change it to this:

I must say, I like this better.

Here's another:

There's a lot to be said for playing with shapes and colours. Fun and relaxing.

Random 2.
DH has been putting his retirement time to good use on the golf course.
And I've been the one to score through his winnings.
The golfing powers-that-be are pretty smart: they give mainly kitchen gadgets as prizes so the left-at-home wives won't moan too much :-)

Here is DH's latest prize:

This is going to be such a bonus this winter!
I love the idea of bunging everything into one container and just leaving it to get on with the job.
Today its making soup.
But wait!
There's more -

Sweet hey?
He won this a month or so ago.
I really like this coffee set - its so streamlined looking.
Bring on the Kupa Coffee . . .
Moral of the story?
Let your man play golf. You never know what you might score.

Random 3.
We had a funny moment last week -
DH and I were chatting animatedly in the kitchen while I cooked and he made tea.
The next thing, I heard him chortling loudly
"Look what I did!" he gasped through his chortles -
This is what I saw:

I suppose it is confusing when you have the wine glasses out for the evening meal at the same time you're making tea.
Specially when you're deep in conversation.
But I am immortalising his 'blush' moment here anyway - just for fun.

Random 4.
Did anyone mention that winter is making its presence felt in this part of the world?
I confess to sacrificing style for warmth on these cold days - (of course, for the rest of the year I'm an absolute fashion GURU!)
My nearest and dearest decided to show me how that looks, so, since fair is fair and I have just ratted on him for trying to make tea in his wine glass -
I'm going to show you winter-horror-land moi:

Wearing DH's jersey, top and beanie INSIDE the house.
The scrambag look.
Don't try this at home

Random 5
I feel a bit like an unfaithful spouse these days - abandoning my old blog-love for my new painting-love.
But I am hopeful that I can, in time, do the bigamist thing
And find enough time for them both.


Shayne said...

ha ha - that's pretty much what I look like at home too - except i wear trackie pants not leggings :)

And my MIL has also scored an inordinate amount of kitchen gadgets - ice cream makers, smoothie makers, a waffle maker and and and. I guess that men *do* know something about keeping peace in the home!

love the art - gorgeous.

Lynette Jacobs said...

I LOVE your art. Mel had an eye for what would look better, it is beautiful.

My DH usually comes home from the Golf course with meat vouchers;-) I think he needs to go and play where your DH plays...I like those gadgets.

MelB said...

Wow, what a difference when you 'Let your art out the box' ;-)
I really LOVE where you are going with this new stuff.
And yeah...niiice gadgets...and even I get am scoring with the rather awesome hand-me-downs! Great post!

cat said...

My hubby only brings huge amounts of venison from his hobby - but he did buy me a high pressure low pressure cooker which must be the best kitchen gadget ever. Venison off the bone in 55 minutes, chicken in 35 minutes . Soup in 40.

I do love your art