Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Yes, I did.

Day 2.

One of my commenters from yesterday asked about the painting -
Did I actually do it?
Well, yes
I made a start - 

A symbolic, almost dreamlike picture which says what I want it to, to me.
And I think that's a good way to start to get rid of the persistent concern about what others may think.
This girl represents the way a Christ-follower feels, trying to live life "keeping the rules"
The tight feeling of hardly being able to move
Of being constrained
Weighed down
Scared of putting a foot wrong.
The chaotic dark background indicates the way life feels when we live this way
Confusion and anxiety.
The white dress shows she is already, unknowingly, righteous in God's sight
Because of her faith in Christ.
She dosn't have to struggle to become righteous -
The white pinnacle shows that the Law she is trying to keep is good and holy
But only Christ has kept it fully
 and given His righteousness to us as His gift
The pink peaceful colours coming in on the right, that she is looking at,
represent the Grace of Christ into which the Law is meant to lead us.
The plan today is to paint a sister picture of her
moving from Law-keeping
into Grace.


Lynette Jacobs said...

So beautiful. Thank the Lord it is done...and we don't have to work at our own salvation.

I'm so not a blogger said...

Allie, this is beautiful! And your post really resonates with me.
I look very much forward to seeing the sister piece!