Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Leaving and Blooming

Yesterday Mel, Russ and their three sprogs left after 2 weeks with us.
We have loved having them here
The house is quiet and orderly again
But kinda empty

They'll be loving being back in their own space,
 with plenty of place for the kids to run
And of course, being reunited with Honey and Lucas hounds
Now we just hope the their floors are replaced quickly by the insurance company!
On another note altogether:
I was out for a stroll the other evening when I spotted this:
On closer inspection -
I still find it amazing how powerful the force of Life is!
This little plant has pushed up right through the tar.
Talk about "blooming where you are planted!"
There is something compelling about this - I wouldnt even have noticed this ordinary plant if it were not for the place it has come up.
How noticeable is an ordinary life
when it is lived in beauty in the midst of difficulty?


I'm so not a blogger said...

What a fabulous and poignant picture. Love.

cat said...

SO very true Allie!

Lynette Jacobs said...

So very true. Like the lotus flower that appears in the mud in India.

MrsLG said...

One of my favourite things to photograph is what I call "bits of green" - where plants grow in unusual places, out of walls, on a roof, out of tar (like yours) - and ja, it's exactly what you said!

Lovely... extraordinary life in an ordinary place too!