Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I seem to be in nostalgic mood these days.
Calling back the past
(Also, now I'll have the photos saved: necessary since the originals are showing their age badly) 
As we near our 37th wedding anniversary, I thought I'd be totally self indulgent and put up some of our early "couple pics"
risking much raucous laughter at the oh-so-awful hair!!
This is one of the few pics we have of our wedding
My brother, who was supposed to have taken them, calmly told us AFTERWARDS that he had forgotten to buy film for his camera!
Yes, I did want to keel him at the time
PS: I bought the dress in a mad rush about 2 days before the wedding
Scary hair 1
Arb shot taken in the garden
Tanning was still ok then
Cool cat and alley-cat.
Fancy dress at the Military Academy in Saldanha, in our par-tay days
And there were many of those days then.
Scary hair 2 X 2
Mine was my own though :-)
Taken at our older son's 30th birthday, nearly 15 years ago
When DH first shaved off his beard and moustache, I didn't recognise him!
Scary hair 3
Making a point at a Men's Squash Prize Giving function
Squash has been a major factor for DH all our married lives and he is still a fine player.
He looks so thin in this pic: he was building his own business and working gruelling hours for months. But there was always time for squash. Actually, I think it helped him get through the stress.
At another of the endless social occasions on the Naval Officers calendar
DH was super hunky in his uniform
What IS it about men and uniforms!?

Thus ends a brief trip down memory lane.
Well done if you got this far!

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Lynette Jacobs said...

So sad that those early photos deteriorated so badly. I love seeing your photos and the story behind each one. I love the one of the "cool cat" and the "Allie cat".