Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Let's Call It A Dream

I had a dream once
Well, let's call it a dream . . .

I saw myself - a stumpy, earnest child, wearing a tutu.
In the dream, I was doing my best to dance beautifully, gracefully, for a much-loved man who was outside my line of vision.

I spun around, arms making a careful circle above my head. I pointed my toes; did what I knew good dancers should do
But knowing all the time how clumsy and awkward I looked
Knowing I could never dance for him the way I wanted to
I sensed that he watched me with rapt attention, appreciation and tenderness
But my heart was breaking because I SO wanted to do it right for him.

And then -
He rose, took my hand and invited me to dance with him
Instantly, I was as light as a feather, my now beautifully draped skirts flowing like water around my legs
There was nothing I couldn't do as we moved in perfect harmony
A symphony of free movement -

Our feet left the ground and we danced in treetops, in clouds rosy with glory
The joy of the shared dance burst my heart and lungs.
His too, I believe . . .


MrsLG said...

Beautiful. I felt like I could see the picture in my head as I read it. I've always loved the idea of the journey being a dance too.


Lynette Jacobs said...