Thursday, January 9, 2014

Up, Up and Away in My Beautiful Balloon

I have decided to take up the challenge of Journal 52 .
Its a marvelous mix of  painting, scrapbooking, messing with all sorts of stuff, doodling, writing, thinking on paper . . .
An imaginative way of tracking life in a way that's creative and fun.

The first prompt was 'UP, UP AND AWAY'
The idea being to put anything on paper (or similar) that depicts it to you.

So -
I did it
I like it.
These are two HUGE things for me!

I also added this (see below) because it describes where I've been till now
(struggling to launch)
I know from experience that I will soon forget what my present struggles are and what my plans were to tackle them. 
The painting alone will not be enough.
Here is the sort-of journaling bit which will face the painting in the folder:

On New Year's Eve we worked on lists of questions about 2013 and 2014: looking back at headlines, good and bad.
And looking ahead, thinking about what changes we'd like to make and what we were trusting God to help us with during the coming months.
And steps we could take to help things along

I've always been skeptical about New Year's resolutions, believing that nothing good comes of them.
But I've come to see that it is necessary to get to grips with issues -
So I decided to throw my weight behind it this year.

My aim for this year is to be more focused and more consistent.
Also to pull some of my idle wishes and "in my head" stuff into the realm of the actual.
Historically, for me, one problem has been to start something
The other, if I do start, to maintain and persevere.

I want to do both these things in the areas of art, writing, hospitality and exercise.
Its easy to see how well the Journal 52 project fills the first two needs.
The exercise is going well - or it was until I was hit by a tummy lurgy that has temporarily stopped that.
Note to self: Start again asap!
My house has been unusually full over the festive season which I have really enjoyed (although, I must say, its tiring!) so it seems that area is already under construction!

First struggles:
I've been so eager to get into the art project that I have neglected other areas.
Very important ones.
Also, because this is a journaling project, there is a lot about 'me' 
This journal should be personal and true to who I am right now, without being too

Whatever your hopes and dreams for 2014 are, I wish you all success in attaining them


MrsLG said...

Such a great start to your project! I am sure that this is one that you won't struggle to persevere to complete.

Lynette Jacobs said...

I love your "lauching" to fly. I am still contemplating this project...I don't want to start and not finish. I have taken the "Joy Dare" and am well on my way with counting gifts. We will see. You haven't shared your word yet. Waiting in anticipation.