Monday, January 5, 2015

Thirty Year Blind Spot.

I came to faith in Christ at age about six.
(A solo conversion, which resulted from a children's book I read)
But in spite of this
I spent the following decades searching for God.
The pain of not finding Him ran like a subterranean river through my days.
And the search for Him led me into many dead end spiritual paths -

Almost unbelievably, I had not connected faith in Christ with finding God.
I had heard it was about forgiveness of sins and gaining eternal life
But no one said anything about being re-united with God.

So, from very young till age forty, when I came to understand that believing in Christ reconciled me to the God I had been seeking all my life
There I was -
Already connected to God but not knowing it
Searching like a homesick child when in fact I was home
Living like a spiritual orphan in spite of having come home years before.

Staggeringly, I only understood this disconnect about a month ago!
I want to document it
Hence this post
Who knows, maybe, just maybe, someone, somewhere, who has the same blind spot that I did, will read this
And their journey through the confusion will be shortened.
I hope so.


Lynette Jacobs said...

Beautifully written and I am sure it will be helpful to some seekers xx

allie. said...

Thank you Lynette, I sure hope so!