Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Small clouds float by
Edged with gentle evening pastels
I gaze at them through the window, almost dispassionately noting their beauty

It doesn't seem right somehow that things should still be beautiful
When there is lead in our limbs
And ashes in our souls.
The shout rises in my throat:
"You can't just carry on around us as though nothing is happening; as though nothing has changed!
Be appalled.
Mourn with us!"
But the words don't come out of my mouth

A distant part of me; the part that stands and observes me, recognises my absurdity
But acknowledges my need to protest
It knows that the time will come when these very beauties will help to lighten the burden
As they keep pointing to the loveliness of the One who puts them there for us to see.


Shayne said...

Allie I just have no words. My heart breaks for Mel and the kids. It is just so wrong. xxx

Vivian said...

Ever in my thoughts and prayers. You are loved. Our hearts are heavy with yours.

Gill said...

Oh Allie, my heart is so heavy for you and yours. You are always in my thoughts xx

allie. said...

Thank you our dear dear friends!
We know you are with us
It helps

cat said...

Oh Allie - my heart breaks for all of you and I think of you all and pray for you every single day