Sunday, May 29, 2016

Roots and Wings

Paul Tournier in his book, "The Adventure of Living" explains that we are all born with twin desires: For adventure on the one hand
And security on the other.
Primal desires pulling in diametrically opposing directions -
Even at a glance we can see how messy that can make our lives.


E.Y. Harburg, you have summed it up so perfectly that I want to curtsey in admiration!

I actually feel it in myself
On the one hand, I want to sell up everything, minister the Gospel in a far poor place, backpack across Europe, try bungi jumping, live in a new country, meet new people, learn new things. . .
Looks a lot like LIFE!!

At the same time I want to hunker down where its as safe as possible, stick with what I know, save whatever resources I have, stay in the same town, go to familiar places and stay among people I know and love.
Looks a lot like mere SURVIVAL

The first option seems young, fun, exciting - and because its risky - adventurous
The other seems elderly, boring, predictable - and its own attraction - safe.

Oh dear
My own writing is scaring me a bit
Because the choice looks like a no-brainer from that
My common sense is jumping up and down spluttering, "What!? What!? Have you gone mad!?"
"You can't start thinking like that!
Its crazy!"
And yes, I have to agree, it sure does look that way -

Because I do not see myself as a happy fly-by-the-seat-of-the-pants person
I like warm baths, clean linen, good wine and coffee, good food, technology - well, everything that makes up my normal life now. (a bit of a brat, you can tell, can't you?)

But am I short changing myself?
That is the big question.
Is the adventurous life so great that giving up these things would seem like nothing if I just took the leap?

It bears thinking about. . .

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