Thursday, November 17, 2016

Fast Forward.

Fast forward over the chasm of time since my last post
To today.
This I can say, the days of the non adventures of the little man, see also here and here are a vague memory now.
Suffice to say, he is no longer under that tree, gazing wistfully into a shrouded future
Not sure how it happened but he is on his feet and trucking again.
Maybe it was that owl's strategy after all . . .

As I type I am surrounded by boxes, packed and waiting to be packed.
After 14 years in this "house with a view" we are moving to smaller pastures.
But hopefully fruitful and fun ones.
I am viewing the next while rather as a caterpillar going into a chrysalis: that during the more cramped time mysterious and marvellous changes will happen
And we will emerge all new and different
Able to view life from new perspectives, flying light and high.

Its an exciting thought.

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