Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Interview Me

Gill recently posted an interview on her blog. It looked like a fun idea, so I asked her to interview me.
These were the first 3 of her questions:
1. If you could have chosen to pursue any profession, with money and circumstances not being a factor, what would that profession have been? Do you know, I am so content in my lifestyle that I'm having to rack my brains about this one.
Its not as though I've ever felt: "Oh I would have given anything to have become an X!"
Mind you, if I go REALLY lateral;
and if 'circumstances' include no lack of talent,
then I would have loved to be
a singer, or a musician, or a writer or an artist -
someone who, like the conductor in
As It Is In Heaven,
could move people's hearts with what they gave.
2. If you could go back and "re-do" the parenting of your children, name one thing you would do differently.
Enjoy my children.
I have four

This is then

I was always busy
And often tired and stressed
I worried about them too much, sweated the small stuff too much -
In fact, I didn't even realise it WAS small stuff
It all looked like big stuff to me

And didn't laugh with them enough


The upside is:

I am enjoying them and laughing with them now.

This is now

3. What is your favourite holiday destination and why? No contest so far:



Picking cherries on the pavement! Any questions?
Omihat its 10.30 already
This is much more time consuming than I realised
so I'm borrowing Hayley's idea
and will do the next 2 questions another time.
I'm sure you all know the ground rules by now but here they are again, in case:
Here are the basic rules...**Let me know if you'd like to play along and I'll send you some questions!
1. Leave a comment saying Interview me.
2.If you want to keep your email address private, email me your request to interview you (
3. I will email you 5 questions. I get to pick the questions.
4. You can answer the questions on your blog.
5. post rules on your blog with an offer to interview anyone else who emails you wanting to be interviewed.
6. Anyone wishing to be interviewed should be sent 5 questions on their blog.


Simply-Mel said...

Great post Ma, I do know you rather well so not many surprise were an awesome Mom and I remember lots of fun stuff... the beach, feeding the chicken, sitting on the dryer in the kitchen chatting while you cooked. Long lazy arvies playing guitar. Lots of good stuff.

Simply-Mel said...

that should have ARE an awesome Mom....but you know what I mean.

allie said...

Yup, I know.


Gill said...

Love your answers so far Allie and am looking forward to reading the rest. I waaaaant to go to Provence!!!

Hayley said...

Oh oh oh....those pics of Provence have made me ill with jealousy!!!!
How amazing!

Lynette said...

Oh Provence looks heavenly!

Kirsty said...

OMG! SORRY - I am slow on the uptake! Only realised now that you are Mel B's mum!!!
Then - I have to say: what a cool mum/gran you are! ooo - get you with a blog and all! Now - I would have to put you in the same age category as my mum, as I think Mel and I are about the same age! I could never see my mum doing this!
Yay you! What a super-gran you are!