Friday, January 23, 2009


The internet has been driving me nuts the last couple of days
Keeps being unavailable
And today it won't let me upload my pics.
Breathe, allie, breathe. . .
Am multi-tasking at the mo:
Watching the cricket (SA vs Aus 3rd ODI);
Doing this;
And fretting over the pile of washing that I should have put on before I started either.


The game is ours to lose: we are in a great position but we often seem to delight in throwing away our advantage and going to the wire.

It freaks me out but makes for exciting viewing.

********* Anyway, Gill's final two "Interview Me" questions.

4. If you had to choose another country to live in, which country would you choose and why?

Firstly I hope I never have to: I am suspicious of too much patriotism but I am a South African and I love this wild vivid country and its mix of interesting and differing people.

I love that it's all still forming, finding its own shape

Its good to be part of that, in spite of the dangers involved.

But for the sake of the exercise, I would have to admit that it would be Australia.

I know thats a boringly obvious choice
I spent a couple of weeks in Sydney and I loved it.
Whether I like to admit it or not, the Aussies are most like us and that would help with settling in.
And life is very different there and that's also an attractive thought.

5. What is number one on your "bucket list"?

Don't have a "bucket list" at the moment.

Maybe that kicks in if you have an imminent cutoff date.

Are there things I'd like to do before I leave this planet?

But stuff like bungy jumping; parachuting; diving with sharks?
If I had only 24 hours or so to go!


Yup, the cricket team has done their usual: we are needing more than a run a ball.

So, pardon me - this needs my full attention.

Quick PS:

Is anyone else having ISSUES with the new design "Select Profile" saga that one has to go through to leave a comment on some blogs?


Lynette said...

I too, love this crazy country of ours and I believe that we are here to make a no going anywhere. I have a lot of family living in Australia, but would never be able to leave my family here.

Kirsty said...

Yay - we won the cricket! Eat our balls, you aussie crickeroos!!
Another SA fan here! Back here after an 11 year stint in the UK! Love it even more now!

Frank J said...

Word on the street from my IT friends is TELKOM (who still control ALL the bandwidth in SA) had a bit of a big problem on some of their lines / servers / or whatever...

So your connectivity frustration was probably due to that.

Hope it's cleared up now!

allie said...

Yes Lynette - the bond with family is always a brake on the adventurer in me too.
There is this other thing too - that when you move to another country you will always be to them "the South Africans" and thus not really one of them.
And to yourself, you will have this brain-split of loyalties.
Nah - just too hard.

Hi Kirsty!
Good to hear from you. Welcome home!
Great to have input from another female cricket fan.

Isn't it fantastic that we klapped them without Graeme!?

Mornin Frank - thanks for giving me a handle on my frustrations.
The cow-person in me is glad I wasn't sufering alone
All seems to be ok today (although it is still early)
Have a good weekend, peeps