Saturday, January 17, 2009

Meme ????

One of the odd things
that came out of the wide ranging conversations
of Ramblerclive, Simply-Melb, Frank and me
in the windy wilds of Hout Bay yesterday
was this:
We found out that
Not one of us knew what a "meme" is!
Not one!
We had written our 'New Year Memes'
all secretly wondering 'what the heck!?'
Suggestions ranged from:
Maybe its from "Me Me " cos its all about Me and My 2008,
maybe it started off as a typo: was originally meant to be a sort of "Memo"?
Do you have any idea how liberating it was for me?!
I had been thinking
I was the only one who didn't have clue
but wrote a whole post entitled:
"New Year Meme" anyway (see Jan 6th).
And yesterday we found out we were ALL in the same boat.
*this went way past 'grin'*
*actually into 'hysteria'*
Does ANYONE out there know what 'Meme' is?


Helen Tilbury said...

I also did it, like a sheep, not knowing what on earth a meme was, I thought it was a typo for Memo! Perhaps it is (it's not in the dictionary...)

Simply-Mel said...

This is hysterical!!! I am laughing out loud again --- just remembering our hilarity yesterday. I wonder how many others out there are clueless!

Susan said...

This cracked me up! I posted a definition several years ago on my blog...but I can't find it in my archives. Here is a site I found that can explain it a bit:>The Daily Meme. It is actually pronounced in a way that rhymes with "dream". Kind of interesting, cause for the longest time I called it a saying "me" twice.

Whatever the reason for them, they are fun sometimes!!

:-) Susan

Kirsty said...

As far as I know, it is an American form of "memo" Not sure where I dragged that information from, but I am full of useless information!

allie said...

Gee, thanks guys!

It has all just got better for me - I see that there are lots of us who are just guessing!

And yes, whatever meme does mean, it sure is fun to do sometimes

Frank J said...

Geez - I laughed at you post..

I wasn't even a blogger during the conversation and was truly mystified.

Even the replies have me mildy mystified, but Rambler assures me it just a fun bloggy thingy where we all answer the same set of questions and hopefully uncover the mysteries of the unviverse - or our favourite cheese - whichever's easier.