Friday, January 16, 2009


Just heard that Zimbabwe has printed a
(wait for it)
Z$100 trillion BANKNOTE.
That has nothing at all to do with anything.
But I thought that such a
earth shatteringly bizarre fact
deserved to be recorded.
But here is my main news of the day:
A fantastic flood of words and laughter -
(its been a while since I laughed so much I couldn't get my breath!)
An afternoon with Clive and Frank
in Hout Bay
the windy Republic
Goodbye hairstyles!

Clive has so endeared himself to us via his blog:

which is often hilarious; sometimes heartrending;

always so worth reading.

And as in the blog, so in the flesh.


For more detail, travel to

Simply Me - see my sidebar

and read her version

It sure was an afternoon to remember!


And guys, it was wonderful to meet you

But - please!

Next time make it at least a week down here!


Ok? Ok then



Rambler said...

Aw, it was such fun. And really special. Thanks so much for the book and note... I look forward to tucking in. Ok, off to be windswept. Hehe... X

Susan said...


Don't you just LOVE meeting other bloggers? I've had the chance to meet several and each meeting has blessed me richly! I love it that you live so far away from me, but I know if I ever make it to Cape Town (which is one of my dreams) that I might be able to meet you!

:-) Susan

Gill said...

Oooh I am SO jealous!! Glad you had a great time :-)