Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Do you also find that normal life has a tempo?
Like a rhythm -
that gets lost during the holiday season?
Now, I might not like the rhythm -
specially since it generally involves getting up at 5am
to get DH on his merry way,
and various other kinds of domestic labour -
but it has a certain regularity about it that's comforting.
Holidays are great for the wekkers (SA for workers)
but for the mamas, it is usually
lots more work.
For a start, DH seems to be hungry all the time.
The mere sight of me seems to trigger an immediate desire for food.
And I live here
Do the maths
And his capacity for tea is positively frightening
I should get a tax rebate on tea
The point?
Well, I didn't have anything to write today
And I wanted to
so this is what you got
Today - faint tremblings of a return to 'the tempo'
And I'm looking forward to getting
into its rhythm.
(*With apologies to the working fraternity*)


Hayley said...

I know exactly what you mean. I am a wekker, and I cannot wait for those long Dec holidays. But there comes a point when I actaully crave that normal 'tempo' of getting up, going to work...that 'normal' tempo.

Shayne said...

I hear you. I long for the hols when I don't have to be up at 6am to sort kids out, but then at least by 8am my house is sorted and I can start with my day!

And i'm with your DH on the tea thing - love it!

Rambler said...

I love routine... so returning to the normal 'tempo' is good. After my holiday, I was so frustrated. I was forgetting to pack things for work or into my gym bag that are all part of my everyday routine normally...

I like normal

Kevin Davis said...

Rhythm and balance are a beautiful thing - but we need them to be disrupted from time to time, to learn, to refocus, to appreciate.