Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Double Tagged

Time to pick up on tagger no 1 and tagger no 2's challenge
The 6th pic of the 6th folder then:

The story is this:

DH was in the Navy for 18 years
(he was a delicious young officer when I met him)
The guys in his year group
(those who trained together and served together) forged very strong bonds over that time.

Now, many of them have left the service

and gone into the private sector.

(DH has been out for 20 years)

Of the three remaining in the navy,

two are admirals.

The others have done varying things,

mostly successfully:

two live overseas, one in Maine USA and the other in the UK.

Every two years all these guys and their wives

congregate in our area for a weekend long reunion.

This pic was taken at one of those.

These are two of our friends in a typical moment.

These are very funny people -

there is always a LOT of hysterical laughter at these jaunts.

Its all happening again this year - around Feb, I think


Can't wait.

I have the same problem

as a couple of others with the tagging: that is

pretty much all the bloggers I follow are already tagged.


here's my deal: If you are reading this and want to play,

go to your photo folders, pick the 6th one

then the 6th pic in that folder

post it

and tell its story then tag 6 others.


ok then.



Lynette said...

I love your new header!

Rambler said...

Cool story behind the pic! It really is amazing to get a slice into people's lives...

How was the rest of your birthday?