Friday, January 2, 2009

Breakfast Collage

DH and I joined JD and her family at the local Wimpy
on New Year's morning

This collage speaks pretty much for itself.

Lots of noise, fun, laughter, lo-o-ng waits for food - (only two of their kitchen staff arrived for work on New Year's Day!) But crayons and paper helped to pass the time -

and the kids also found stuff to amuse themselves with!


Oh, and by the way -

Hooligan is not really licking his father's cheek. . .


On a different note:

Do not miss JD's post today!

Lulu has obviously inherited her Granny Allie's love for

Elvis music!

Although her moves are all her own (and his!) This clip provides one of those rare moments that will keep you smiling quite a while

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Susan said...


Thank you so much for sending me your story about your New year's Word. Hope you're doing well.

I LOVE this collage.