Friday, February 27, 2009

Another bagtag!

Now let's just be very honest - only someone with a TRULY EPIC new bag would ever have started this tag, hmm? Having got that out of the way, let me introduce "old trusty" who has been with me for so long that I can't remember the price (probably just as well!) or the history. Mind you, its history kinda keeps step with mine because my bag is like an extension of me: I never move without it: it is a witness to my life (*grin* CV!) It has all my "stuff" in it as you will see: D'ya want a toothpick? a plaster? eyedrops? Maybe you have indigestion and need a Rennies? Got sticky fingers in the car? Do not fear - I have an SAA wetwipe. Maybe 5 people will suddenly need to write something at the same time - I am prepared - pens and pencils in plenty! Three forms of lip therapy - stick, gloss, and ice. Oh and handcream - I seem to dry out quicker every year! Usually I have sunscreen in there too DH must have moved it. You'd think I was a beautiful-nail fiend the number of emery boards I carry The truth is I never remember to throw out the used ones - just add the new. Two combs? Now thats a mystery - even to me: I never comb my hair Only brush it ID book, of course for obvious reasons And indispensibly, my daily planner. Now don't get me wrong - I'm just not that busy *g* But if I don't write down that I'm having coffee with you at x venue, at x time, you may drink coffee alone that day. Then there's my purse That's a world all on its own . . . A sweetie (a little aged) from Wimpy (for suddenly crying children) Some of you might remember the "Pay It Forward" post I did awhile back? I have carried the thingy from that time on in case I am suddenly confronted with kindness beyond the call of duty - but actually I forgot that it was there :-( Glad I have been reminded Now bring on the "random kindness people" I'm ready. And tissues Always tissues Can never NEVER be without them. Last but not least, my hairdresser's card. Have NO idea why it's there. But come to think of it I'm due for a trim AAAAAAAARRRGH!!! Remember the "trim story"?! I'm afaid, very afraid - Maybe I should just grow my hair . . .


Simply-Mel said...

Good Grief! YOu are the Queen of Stuff ma.... I must confess I have often been on the happy receiving end of your organised bag:

Ma, do you have a tissue?
Ma, Lulu's got ice cream on her hands - do you have a wipe?
Ma - I lost my lipice - got any?
Ma - my skin feels ick - got any handcream?

And CHECK to them all. Clearly you are the best mom of all - to this day you are never unprepared!

Anonymous said...


I barely remember that i own a bag... X Lis.

Lynette said...

I loved this are really prepared for anything.

Frank J said...

Great post Allie...

I also carry a bag or two to work, 'cause it's so remote over here. But you realy do pack it in


I've tagged you in my blog (just incase things are slow that side of the world).

It's a brand new tag (never been seen before) as far as I know... have fun with it.
Ciao 4 Now