Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Too Darn Hot

Heat paralyzes my brain. So - Random thoughts only tonight. Did I mention its HOT? I am meeting some EPIC new women at the Beth Moore course I'm doing. Am loving the course too. DH is away So I am eating Woollies food only - as in 2 minutes zap food. Its the only perk of his being away = Its hot And the TV is soooo boring tonight. Its too early to go to bed - I will be awake at 3am if I do. There are a dozen worthy and useful things I could and should be doing But its too hot And I don't wanna. If you read this far, award yourself a medal. If there were an award for the most mindless post, I would surely be the hands-down winner. Bright spot? Kirsty is back! Welcome back, Kirsty - we missed you :-)


Simply-Mel said...

Its freaking hot!! And its now 11pm...tomorrow we may be moaning about the wind. No pleasing us Capetonians.

And yay! Kirsty is back!

Check Jo's blog; she has tagged us in her usual back-handed manner and its quite a fun meme.

Sleep tite and cool.

Shayne said...

I love Woolies meals - they're so delish.

and love an evening on my own when i can eat what I want and not "HAVE" to cook!

Btw, got some great recipes - have a squizz at my comments for that post.

Oh, and i've tagged you!

Kevin Davis said...

What the crap is Woollies food? - doesn't sound good, but I'm obviously not in on SA lingo.

allie said...

Ah Kevin!
Forgive us - we forget about other nationalities sometimes.
Hmmm Woollies - well lets just say its short for the shop Woolworths which sells great premade healthy food.
Now I realise that is nothing for you guys in the States, but here places like that are pretty thin on the ground.

And being able to eat ONLY Woollies stuff for a week is SA heaven.
\Well, for me anyway

Kevin Davis said...

Awesome - I think we have Woolworths too? Or we used to - anyway enjoy.

Kirsty said...

Oy - you see that thing rising in the distance?? Far distance -in the direction of Joburg?? That would be my head!!! You gals are too kind! My head will get bigger, my feet will get too big for my boots... and in this economic climate, I can't afford new hats or boots!! But thanks anyway! You both rock!! (You and Mel that is!) Must be the genes pool! x