Monday, February 23, 2009

Definitely Maybe

I'm thinking of changing my mind and going on Facebook. Changing my mind about things is nothing unusual for me - I have a track record of making firm decisions and then doing what I decided not to. As in: "I will never shave my legs because then I would have to do it for the rest of my life!" (Aged approx 14) As in: "I will never pierce my ears. Only savages puncture themselves to hang bits of jewellery on their bodies" (Aged approx 22) As in: "I will never have a TV. It ruins family life." (Married with children) As in: (after I got my TV) "I will never get MNet" Then after I had MNet - "I will never get DSTV" You'd think I would wise up quicker, wouldn't you? And for my own sake stop making these sweeping statements. Anyway, maturity (ahem) and repetition have made eating my words easier. So now, about Facebook (which has been my latest "I will never. . ." pronouncement) What do you long time Facebook users have to say? Do you love it/hate it? Are you glad you started/ wish you never had? Have you found many old friends/ or not so much? Does it waste a lot of time/is the time well spent? Help me out here, peeps.


Simply-Mel said...

I could comfortable live without FaceBook.

Its nice to find people, say hello, peer into their lives and then I am done really.

In fact, I will shortly be deleting my profile.

Do it, experience it and see for yourself.

I think its totally overrated. Totally.

allie said...

Thanks, Mel.
Duly noted.
I think I am just curious to see who would pop out of the woodwork - there are so many people that I have known but have lost touch with - just hearing from them would be really wonderful.

Anonymous said...

I only really enjoy it for keeping in touch with my friends oversees and being able to comment on their lives and photos.

I don't think its necessary if all you want to do is add locals. rather phone them and go for coffee!!! Lis XX

Susan said...

I love the fact that I have connected with so many of my "past friends" and that I'm able to stay a bit more connected with my remote family via FB! It's been a total blessing to me.

Lynette said...

I tried MYSPACE and it was a total disaster! After all the blog hopping I don't have the energy for Facebook. I will be glued to the computer all day.

Ness @ Drovers Run said...

Facebook is good. However, I turned off ALL EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS because they drove me mad, and wasted bandwidth. I dip into it when I want to, and I ignore all stupid requests, like the 'send a virtual beer' because it's cute, but a total waste of my time. I love it for messaging, keeping in touch etc and for my photography group etc but I definitely don't go for all the frills and applications.

allie said...

Hmmm, am tending towards 'not' so far.

Thanks for the input.

Let's see if anyone comes up with great reasons for 'yes'. . . .

Rambler said...

Ah, I like facebook... great way to keep up with people... and a great way to advertise my blog :)

allie said...

A "pro-person"
I like your reasons - specially the blog advertising one :-)

Kirsty said...

I LOVE FB!! Am a total addict! However - be warned, it can be very addictive and time wasting! I only befriend my friends in real life, and my blogging buddies, of course - and I love to check it out daily! The updates give a quick snapshot of what everyone is up to, and it helps you to stay in touch! I have also reconnected with plenty of old school friends and varsity friends! Handy for me, as being out of the country for 11 years, I had lost touch with many people!
Try it and see... xx

Shayne said...

like FB for the same reasons as Kirsty. A daily quick overview of what your friends are upto and also a way to keep in virtual contact with those far away - and to be there for them when you otherwise wouldn't be able to.

But don't go for the apps & games - waste of time. The one thing i am wary of is people just adding you as their friend when you don't really know them - why do they want to be your Facebook friend but not a REAL friend? Is it to add numbers to their friend list?

Good luck!

allie said...

Ok, the pro's beat the anti's 5-3.

Thanks for the input guys.

Will let you know - well, you will know cos if I go for it, obviously you will all be required to step up to be my friends
Isn't that how it works????

Gill said...

Why not join FB and then see how it goes. I've connected with a lot of people I last saw in high school and it's been fun to "see" them again. I wouldn't say I'm addicted, but most days I log on for a quick look to see what everyones been up to and it's fun.

jacki janse van rensburg said...

first: you can join FB and let it just sit there, and only visit it from time to time. or, you can join, and delete your profile if it doesn't work out for you. you are approaching it as though it is a huge commitment that you need to consider carefully, but it's not.

second: i'm with clive. i love it. it is not meant to be serious, it's FUN!

i wrote a whole blogpost about it recently: