Monday, February 23, 2009

Zilch turned Argus Mania

I often start emails by saying "This is just a quick note to say..." and 20 paragraphs later, have blushingly to admit that my thoughts ran away - faaaaaar away - with me. I'm kinda hoping for more of the same because, here in this first paragraph, I have nothing, zero, zilch to say. But the blogging compulsion is on me - have computer, will write! Oh - the feared thing happened on Sunday - A cyclist (bah humbug!) and our car actually came into contact with one other. For the couple of months in the run-up to the Argus Cycle Tour, trying to drive on the narrow roads here in the Cape Peninsula is a nightmare. There are literally thousands of cyclists on the roads: from the very expert to the very wobbly. The very expert seem to have the notion that the road belongs to them: swinging out to overtake the slower riders with gay disregard for the cars. The wobbly just swing out because they can't stop themselves. The result is the same for us: cyclists lurching out in front of the car unexpectedly all over the place. They often ride 2,3 or even 4 abreast leaving fuming motorists having to drive behind them: not good for blood pressures or human relationships! And they are on every road around us - there is just NO getting away from them. Each Sunday I cower in the passenger seat, my face in my hands until we are through the worst - can't bear to look! This Sunday it happened. Mercifully it was mild. The cyclist was waiting alongside us for the red traffic light to change (that alone is a miracle!) and as he and we took off, he lost his balance and fell against the car. I, as usual in these close proximity times, had my head in my hands, so couldn't see what happened - just heard contact noises - but DH said to me quite calmly (also a miracle in these circumstances!): "Bokkie, just push the wing mirror straight please" And told me what had happened. He said that the cyclist had indicated that it was his fault! (Another miracle - thanks Lord!) I had visions of people taking down our number and solemn faced cops arriving at my door with arrest warrents. . . Its not over yet - I think its still a few weeks till the big event And the numbers of cyclists just continues to grow in the run-up. Oh dear heaven!


Ness @ Drovers Run said...

OMG, when we lived around the corner from you...I lost count the amount of times I would wind down the window and screech, "single file you fother muckers!" or sometimes nicer words if they weren't doing it on purpose.

Ugh. Don't miss being stuck in my house during the argus/two oceans/peninsula marathons either!

Lynette said...

So cyclists are the same everywhere? Allways riding abreast as if the road belongs to them alone. They seriously scare me too!

Kevin Davis said...

Cyclists annoy me - mostly because I'm not one, and also because they are in the way.

Simply-Mel said...

I would hate to be a cyclist.

Mainly because I know how I (and clearly many others) feel about them.

The problem is that they seriously all cycle with a chip on their shoulder; just waiting to flyfinger at a motorist.

Shayne said...

I'm going to defend the cyclists here - prob because I live with one. What i've realised is that the reason a lot (not all) of them cycle in the darn road is becoz the yellow line (where they are supposed to ride) is often occupied or often non-existant - where are cyclists supposed to ride then?

I too get angry when they take over the whole road - but often it's not their fault.

Allie, you have my sympathies becoz the roads in yr area are SO narrow - it's difficult for two cars to occupy the road - never mind the cyclists added in!

PS my DH is a Mountain Biker - not a Road Biker - there is a difference!