Saturday, March 14, 2009

Earth Hour and Devastation

This morning was stunning: beautiful weather, colourful yachts all over the bay - it seemed impossible in all that beauty and peace that anything could go wrong Then suddenly - drama! A house in the road below us caught fire. It was shocking how quickly a house could be completely consumed. Just minutes - that's all it took. The owners were apparently out - I couldn't help but think of them: they went off this morning; everything must have seemed so normal; they came back and their home was ashes. Update on the Tsvangirai wife's death (see 3 posts back): He has said publicly that his wife's death was an accident. One can only applaud the man's character: he refused to make political gain out of his tragedy. Earth Hour: Just a reminder to hook up with Earth Hour on the 28th of this month. So often we wonder what we can do about global warming - the problem is so huge and "I am just one person". Earth Hour makes it possible for us to join millions of others all over the planet who are also concerned. All we have to do to be part of it is switch off our lights and non essential appliances at 8.30pm local time for an hour. It's a thing we can do. A small thing but when millions do it together, we can make that difference.


Shayne said...

How horrific. Imagine the loss of the photo's and non replaceables. Makes me want to rush home and sort out my life!

And Earth Hour is diarised in our house!

Lynette said...

I feel for devastating.

Kevin Davis said...

Your pictures make me envious of your home and SA location - you should not be a stumbling block for others by sharing your gorgeous photos.

Susan said...

That is such a tragedy, Allie! I have a friend who lost her home in a fire at Christmas one year. It's amazing how quick everything "went". I am praying for this family.