Monday, March 2, 2009

Embarrassing Memories

Clive speaks today of some embarrassing memories connected with sport. Check it out - he is a very funny man! I thought it might be fun to list some of our most embarrassing moments as a sort of tag but on a voluntary basis. So if you like the idea, please play along. Ok, here are a few of mine - to get the ball rolling (which is all I can manage - which leads me straight into my first point:) 1.I cannot throw a ball, a paper aeroplane, and definitely not a dart. My inability to get anything to go even marginally in the right direction is quite outstanding. That flaw in my make-up caused me great embarrassment during my younger years 2.I remember, in a panicky moment saying out loud that I had lost my voice! 3.Asking an acquaintance when her baby was due when it had been born a few weeks earlier. 4.As a teen, gossiping about someone only to have my audience say: "Oh really! Well, so-and-so is my cousin/aunt/married sister. . ." 5. Agreeing to make dinner for a family (mom was in hospital) and forgetting completely to do it 6. Finding a price tag hanging from a new garment after I had been wearing the garment out and about for the whole day. 7. Starting to clap too early at a classical music concert (Tip: Always wait for others to start unless you are very familiar with the music!) 8. Hiding away in my home from a would-be boy friend and being caught out. I did not want to see him and told my young children to keep quiet because I didn't want him to know I was home. Somehow he managed to find us and I tried to cover, only to have one of my kids tell him exactly what had been going on. 9.Mondeling; mondeling; mondeling! Do I need to say more to any English speaking SA person?! How can I stop on 9?! That seems silly. But I can't think of anything else right now so this will have to do. Going to watch cricket now -


Shayne said...

I've given up on the cricket - was getting far too depressing to watch!

May do the tag thing when my brain is functioning again.

Love the hiding from boyfriend - i did that too and I was only 12!!

Frank J said...
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Frank J said...

mmm... Point three I can relate to.

I've trained myself to now find ways of asking the perilous question with a come-back at the ready.

Picture a lady at the bus stop, looking potentially pregnant..

Me: When are you expecting?

PP: I'm not pregnant!

Me: ...the bus to arrive!?

great post Allie... It is nice to leave work on Monday with a smile for a change.

Anonymous said...

okay - here's one for most embarrassing moment - we (the whole family) were in worship one Sunday morning and at the end of the service there was a short business meeting - we were doing a verbal vote on something (this is not uncommon in the Baptist church) - so after they get someone to make the motion and second the motion they put it up for a church wide vote (btw - it was packed that morning) and they say "all those in favor indicate by saying aye" and everyone (and I do mean everyone) says "aye" - now I need to tell you at this point that I find these things very routine and boring and so I was doing something else while this was going on (reading some scripture or the bulletin or something) and then they say "all those who oppose indicate by saying "nay" and I (just me - no one else) say "nay" - my family and quite a few others all turn and look at me (we were sitting pretty much front and center) and I start waving my hand like I didn't mean it (which I didn't) and we (my family) all had trouble controlling ourselves to keep from busting out laughing. I was just somehow tuning into that thing where you are in church and they say "do this" and you do it and then they say "do that" and you do it. We still laugh about this one a lot - it was truly my most embarrassing moment.