Sunday, March 1, 2009


Its 9.30 on the most perfect summer Sunday night We have just come back from a dusk stroll on the beach where the water was luke warm as it swirled around our legs. Its the kind of evening where strangers smile at each other just because life feels indescribably wonderful. Tomorrow is work, and busyness and politics and and . . . But tonight is magical Actually its been an amazing weekend DH had been away the whole week - hugely busy - so arrived home late Friday evening exhausted But at least he's here. Yesterday (Saturday) was given over to his recovery so we lammed around - watched the Sharks/Chiefs Super 14 game (in bed!) Great game, by the way Slept like dead people the whole afternoon Some really dodgy language in our house later in the day during the Stormers game. Re the Stormers inability to play any kind of quality rugby. DH says he has drawn the line He is not going to watch them ANY more Can't take the frustration We shall see This morning - thick smoke everywhere. We thought our own valley was on fire but actually it was from across the bay where some wine farms are burning up. Tragic! This afternoon, which we had loosely earmarked for lying semi-comatose on the couch (it was 35 degrees here today, people!) watching cricket, when plans changed and JD and fam plus SD came to swim and generally lam with us. We had such a fabulous time - with even me in the pool (a rarity) and hugely enjoying it. And later, all tuckered out, two of the small ones, in our bed, watching Kung Fu Panda on our big screen TV Happiness is . . . Today was one of those days that make you so grateful for the beauty of this place; great weather; fun; laughter and family.


Ness @ Drovers Run said...

Yes it was fracking hot yesterday wasn't it? We swam in the morning, got out, had lunch, ice cream, and got straight back into the pool again. All four of us and 3 dogs (2 ours and 1 house guest) even the two cats were eyeing the water with interest.

Anonymous said...

We went down at about 5. BIG BIG BIG, did i mention, BIG? MISTAKE!!! From your place you would have seen what it looked like then. Next time i will phone you for a beach report before we go down. Couldn't even get a drink!!!! Anyway - glad you had a good time. It was a gorgeous evening... in a gorgeous part of the world. X Lis.

Lynette said...

This post just makes one feel warm and fuzzy.