Wednesday, April 1, 2009

10 Reasons to Look Forward to Winter

Mourning the passing of summer? Here are some things that help my pain - maybe they will yours too. 1. Winter means the end of fashions that show a lot of skin and every molecule of cellulite, fat and bulge. Winter clothes hide a multitude of sins. Bring 'em on! 2. In the winter, everyone is pale - not just sun-phobics like me. 3. Heat makes me wilt. Early. Easily.
And I only perk up in the evenings when it cools down.
Unnerving for DH who comes home from work ready to wind down.
So winter should see a far more energetic me.
4. I'm tired of salads.
5. I love soup. Gimme lots of soup. With barley.
And preferably so thick you can stand your spoon up in it.
6. Thick jerseys and chic jackets: love 'em.
7. And boots. Yeah!
8. Fires in the evenings, with gluhwein. Well, I haven't done the gluhwein thing yet but plan to this winter.
9. The sound of rain on the roof as I drift off to sleep.
10. Would you believe: walking in the rain?
PS: Do these count as bullets?


Ness @ Drovers Run said...

I'm a winter girl through and through. Providing my kids are healthy, I could take it all year long.

Anonymous said...

you know how i feel about winter. Yuck. However - what i do like about winter is: friends, open fires, red wine and chocolate fondues...

But thats all that makes winter bearable. And my hottie!!!! ;) Caio! L

Anonymous said...

actually friends and red wine is always good!!! LOL Caio!

Anonymous said...

I think that should be 'are' always good... ag well. Caio!

Simply-Mel said...

I can do one month of winter and then it just pees me off completely.

Simply-Mel said...
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kirsty said...

I am soooo not a winter girl! How I ever survived 11 years of winter in the UK is a mystery! But now I'm back here, the 1st nip of cold air and I'm moaning!!!
I do like gluhwein(mulled wine) and hot chocolate (with marshmallows) though..

allie said...

All you "I love summer" chicks - lets get this straight: the MAIN reasons why I don't mourn the passing of summer is tied up with vanity and age, ok?
You are ALL disqualified on the grounds of youth - talk to me again when you are over 50 and then see how much you lurve summer.
Ok then

And Ness - that is NOT aimed at you! Glad someone else is also into the cold months

Lynette said...

I see all the pro's of winter, I am with you on the whiter than white skin and the lumps and bumps that is hidden under layers of clothing...but I will still be mourning summer! Remember, it is never quite as hot here as in the Cape...and when you talk about the rain on the roof...remember how you feel when you haven't seen the sun in more than a week.

Shayne said...

Oh I love winter too. You can just layer and layer and layer. And go to bed early. And drink hot choc. And cuddle on the couch under a blankie. And eat (or drink?) soup and stews and hot puddings. And wear bed socks. And fluffy dressing gowns. and listen to the rain and the hail and the wind and know that you're safe and secure in your house. love love love winter!

allie said...

That woulda made a great post, right there
Am SO with ya, girl

Kitty Cat said...

Mmmm...thick winter soup with barley! Love it.

Susan said...

I love everything about winter, which is not good when I live in Florida. Hey, maybe, I'll have to be seasonal between S. Africa and here!!! ;-) Hope you're well.

allie said...

Hey Kitty Cat - good to hear from you! I think barley-soup lovers of the world should unite.
And you?

Susan, if you ever do the SA/USA commute, make sure you let us know, ok?

Joanne said...

I am with you all on the soup, I could live on soup but like you it must have barley in it. I also love winter and funnily since I moved to CT, the winters here are divine, green green grass, fresh earth from the rain and it never gets very cold like Joberg which goes into your bones and doesnt thaw until 12 midday the next day. Cape Town is at its best in winter so wonder they call it the secret season.