Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Phew! I feel as though I have been on a marathon. Not running, you understand, but emotionally. I really thought I was over getting that mad But my frustration levels the last few days have been off the charts. I have new sympathy with Ness and Mel who have had these problems far longer than I have. I was like "oh shame" but didn't reeeaally feel their pain. Now I do. I stopped blogging for a while purposely To see how much it would hurt me (Is that masochistic?) It wasn't too bad, actually And I was quite stoked with myself - I told myself: "This is easy, I can take it or leave it." But then the lurgies got going in my computer and the time s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d much longer and I was undone. I know for a first blog after a long absence this could not be a more boring effort on my part But this is a vent ok? I need this. But just a small added thing - A small boy had heard a LOT about Jesus And he was overheard praying: "Dear Jesus, please take good care of Yourself because if anything happens to You, its tickets for the rest of us." :-)


Joanne said...

Welcome back!

Frank J said...

Hooray for Allie!!!

CV and I were wondering if you'd ever return... And as if by some twist of fate, the very next day -

POOFFF she re-appears in a crimson puff of smoke!

Welcome back.

Lynette said...

Welcome back Allie, we missed you!

Rambler said...

Yay! Good to have you back!

Susan said...

Good to see you back.