Sunday, April 12, 2009

"The" Drive Plus

I am on the other side of "the drive" (see post before last) The road was every bit as bad as I had been told - and just to make things a little more interesting, there was also a notice up at the start of the pass that said: "Warning: Flood Damage." Translation? The edges of the painfully narrow road are deeply eroded and unstable. Nice Almost the whole way up, the road is only wide enough for one car. I pushed the question: "What the heck happens if we meet another car?"as far away from my thoughts as I could. But it brooded there like a tiger, its tail lashing angrily from side to side. Fortunately most people have the great good sense not to drive that road but eventually, the horror happened. Oncoming traffic. Not once - but twice. DH, being the perfect gentleman that he is, chose to pull over close to the dangerous side to let the other driver sail through safely next to the mountain. Both times I wanted to kill him! Guess, by the way, who was sitting on the side with the 200 mile drop into the valley below? With our tyres on the eroded edge of the road? Uh huh! Having said all that, I think God did me proud: I only had sweaty palm syndrome the twice that I was hung out to dry on the edge of eternity. Otherwise my fear levels were far lower than they would normally have been. I am grateful for that And expectant that one day I will be as unconcerned as the others seemed to be. We broke the trip up to Prince Albert at Matjiesfontein. The whole tiny town is a museum. I know most people have an immediate desire to fall asleep at the mention of the word "museum" so no more about that. The highlight of Matjiesfontein was a character you'd only find in South Africa. He had everyone in stitches as he "did the tour guide thing" on the 10 minute bus tour of the town. I thought one of the women was going to need resuscitation she laughed so hard at him. After the bus ride he entertained us at the piano for a while . . . I have managed to capture some of who he is on these vid-clips. Hope you all had a great Easter weekend.


jacki janse van rensburg said...

i was waiting for your 'report back', and i'm so glad it went fine. i didn't expect anything less. i prayed for you too!

funny how putting it out there, already goes a long way in conquering that issue.

i'm going to need your support this coming week, it is gonna be a tough one for me. but i'm also going to put it out there on my blog, and lay it at the foot of the cross.

Anonymous said...

Yay Ma! Looking forward to coffee soon and hearing all the details. Am proud of you - and God for that matter! ;-) ... He really is good isn't He? Caio. L.

allie said...

Jackie thanks for praying for me!
I will do the same for you this week - and yes - I think sharing with others makes a big difference.
I look forward to hearing your story.

Lis,yay! coffee and catch up sounds great!
And yes, He sure is good!

Shayne said...

Hello there! So glad it went fine - i could here just how stressed you were about the whole thing! But He was beside you and you did good!

dkleinhans said...

sounds hectic.....but exciting

Lynette said...

Ohh...this post had me on the road with are really an outstanding blogger. Yup, faced my fear and guess seems to be a fear of the Bloukrans pass and yes DH had to drive the scenic route again...this time I took photos to distract myself and I will be blogging about it.