Monday, April 6, 2009

Height Issues

We are going to Prince Albert - a fav venue - for the Easter weekend with fav friends. I am so looking forward to it - Well, most of it. Here's the thing: DH is madly looking forward to this drive through one of the stunning passes in the area But I have heard this pass is hair-standing-on-end scary A narrow, precipitous, windy road, with gut-wrenching drops to the bottom. My first reaction? I'm NOT going. Don't try make me Don't mock me Don't say anything. Am NOT going, ok? By now you will have got the impression that I'm: a) Not very good with heights b) Not very brave But I'm also trying to not be like that: To believe stuff I've lived with all my life can change. So I have decided that: a) I will go b) I will not be afraid c) I will look at the view not the drop d) I will remember that if this is my way to leave this earth, I will go out with a bang not a whimper. Am hoping that I won't lose focus and end up a snivelling sobbing heap on the floor of the car - well actually it will be a 4x4 - no prizes for guessing why! (DH announced he wouldn't dream of going in an ordinary car. Well, that made me feel a whole lot better. Not.) Check back after the weekend and I will tell you how it was for me, nnkay? PS: I will be spending more time with Little Sister Blog (see previous post) I think she needs nurturing. I don't want her to have sibling rivalry issues later.


Rambler said...

hehehehe... I'm sure it will all be fine... and you'll have a splendid time away!

Enjoy it... and look forward to spending time on lil' sis's doorstep for a while...


Lynette said...

How I know the feeling...when I was in matric we had an accident in the Bloukrans pass, left the road, fell 120metres into the river below. I am honest when I say that I end up in a miserable heap on the floor of the car everytime DH insists on driving through the "scenic" pass.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck Mom. Very brave. I have made peace with the fact that I dont 'do' heights unless I am on a plane. Caio. ;)

Hayley said...

So with you on this one. Just driving up Gordons bay hill to the dam, is enough to make me sick.

And for some reason my husband thinks it is so damn funny, so he insists on not slowing down...just for my benefit.

Have a good time!

jacki janse van rensburg said...

as someone who has a few big issues to deal with on a regular basis, i say:

you WILL be ok.
you WILL get over it.
you WILL not let it spoil a good trip.

why? because you believe that GOD is in control of your life, that's why. and giving in to the fear, is not trusting HIM.

so, pray, and take a deep breath, and give it to HIM, and trust!

easy! not really...

allie said...

Hayley - I hear ya girl! Funny how, no matter how much they love you, it doesn't seem to spread over into those areas :-)

And Jacki - that's exactly the basis I'm saying those things on: will power doesn't work for me.
And I have experienced God rid me of fears AS big and scary as this one.
So I am expectant about this new challenge.

It was something of a revelation to me that it is only in the areas where we know, for sure, we can't manage something on our own, that we will allow God to be who He is and do what He does.

So I expect to see Him at work in me this Easter weekend :-)

allie said...

Lynette - what can I say?! Check the comment I made to Hayley re husbands: you agree?

Thanks Lis and Rambler for your encouragement - it all helps the process.

Simply-Mel said...

I hear ya...I hear ya. Was scarred for life via Chapmans Peak EVERY 2nd weekend, remember? I know all about cowering on the floor behind the seat!!

Have fun. Facebook from your phone and STUFF THE VIEW. hehe

Will miss you muchly.

dkleinhans said...

Good for you. I like that attitude!