Thursday, May 14, 2009


Subthig has pumped up by head with cottonwool ad other less attractive substances. It has also crumpled by face; edlarged and reddened by dose and bade by eyes all but disappear. The evidence that they rebain is that they tear a lot. By pockets are full of tissues - ad I carry the tissue box around the house with be like a lucky charb. By defense so far has beed to lie aroud watchig Desperate Housewives right frob the start. Doh, I dever did see it whed it first cabe od TV. So thats dice. Good bindeless stuff. But you hab a dice day, ok?


Lynette said...

Oh Allie, poor little you! Now you go and look after yourself and watch whatever mindless stuff you want...but PLEASE...just don't start saying "OINK"!

Hope you will get over this soon and I hope that it is only a head cold.

Gill said...

Oh you poor thing! Hope you get better soon, meanwhile enjoy having a good excuse to veg out.

jacki janse van rensburg said...

i'd give you a virtual hug, but i'm afraid my computer will get a virus.

i hope you feel better soon, but not before you have caught up with the housewives...

allie said...

No oinking to date, Lynette!
And after reading your post today I feel kinda blushy about my moans.
But what can I say!
I'm a wimp when it comes to this stuff.
Hence my admiration for you . . .

Yup Gill - its good to have an excuse for arbibng around.

And gurgle, Jackie - nice one!
And DD1 has brought me not just the next one, but the next TWO dvds of D.Housewives.
Do I have great kids or what!!??
And sanks all for the get wells

Kirsty said...

ooo - lucky you! Make sure you laugh really hard at the funny bits on DHW - that will clear your nose....know what I mean? x

allie said...

Am actually really enjoying DH (in this case Desp Housew, not Dear Husbank) - it is very different from what I imagined.
And funny. . .
Who nooo?

Feeling way better to day.
But nada so far in the way of blogging inspiration.