Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Twilight Alert

I watched the Twilight dvd again today -
(Does that mean I've been bitten??)
I realised when I chatted to Mel that I had missed a lot the first time I watched it.
And rewatching it, I have to admit, a lot became clearer
Even Edward looked a tad hotter :-)
Warning though - learn from my mistake -
Do NOT watch the Special Features if you are an Edward fan.
I will for now say no more
But you have been warned.
And now for something completely different:
I bought this from a guy on the side of the road this morning
I absolutely LOVE it.


Kirsty said...

ummmm - what IS it?

allie said...

Kirsty - non comprehendo.
What is on the Special Features or what is the thing on the wall?

Kirsty said...

yeah - the "thing" you bought at the traffic light. What IS it??!! x

Gill said...

I feel so left out - I haven't watched the DVD or read the book yet. I am going to have to hire it this weekend - it is time!!

Rambler said...

He is SOOOOOOO hot!


Can't wait for New Moon to be released....

allie said...

Ok Kirsty - I'll bite.
Its a metal wall decoration: its of 2 daisy-type flowers, one arum lily and a butterfly.
SO skillfully crafted.
It serves no purpose but to look great.

Rambler man - nothing like the simple approach, hmm!

Simply-Mel said...

waaahaaa! you watched it again. I win I win! *calming down*

Seriously, ja, Edward grows on you. He begins to look more attractive as his character develops.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the wall dingamalinkie.

angel said...

I haven't seen the movie, and whilst I read an enjoyed the book I wasn;t blown away by it... a lot of it had me reminiscing about when I used to read "Sweet Valley High".
I think I'll wait till the movie is on DSTV.

allie said...

Hey Gill! I feel quite envious that you still have it ahead to see!
Hope you like it.

And Hi Angel! - Welcome to the Teilight/Edward debate :-)

Frank J said...

i've decided to make the effort and read a little - in amongst everything on my assoted plates.. hehe

I'm stil not certain what the fuss about Edward is. just thoght I'd share.

Rambler and I agree to disagree on this one. Althought I do like Vampire stories quite a bit ;0)

That's a nice thingymabobby you got on your wall now. Enjoy it whislt clearing those sinusses. and get better soon ne!


allie said...

Sheesh FJ, make your life easier: watch the dvd!
So much faster and easier, specially for a busy oke like you